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Hawaii State Capitol Building -- Caesar's Palace In The Pacific

One block away the venue belongs to Christ and Peace

Memorial at the State Capitol Building to a hero-priest who took good care of the out cast lepers in the 19th century - and died a martyr's death when the terrible disease killed him.

Open Interior of the Hawaii State Capitol Building

Looking up from the same spot in center of the Hawaii State Capitol Building

The Downtown Honolulu view from the rear of the Hawaii State Capitol Building

Statute of the last Queen of Hawaii

Another downtown Honolulu view

The ʻIolani Palace was the royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii beginning with Kamehameha III under the Kamehameha Dynasty and ending with Queen Liliʻuokalani under the Kalākaua Dynasty, founded by her brother, King David Kalākaua. Wikipedia

Another view of the Ioliani Palace

Tale of Two Palaces History Tour - Iolani and Queen Emmas Summer Palaces

Reviewed by: Sandra, Sydney , 2014/01/05

We found this tour very, very interesting. We learnt much about the history of the Hawaiian Royal family from our guide. Queen Emma's Summer Palace was really beautiful and well looked after. I was surprised at the amount of artifacts and original furniture that had been collected. The Iolani Palace was also really interesting. The Palace (inside and out) is really beautiful and there is so much that can be learned of the history of the Royal family and you can imagine what it would have been like when the Kings and Queens ruled the islands. I particularly liked the room where Queen Lili'uokalani's quilt is kept. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and would recommend it to anyone visiting the islands.

Queen Emmas Summer Palace and later the television Office of "Hawaii 5.0"

The sign explains the history of the only palace in the American Republic

The bandstand for the palace grounds that and city view of Downtown Honolulu

Palace guardhouse - today it's the starting point for tours and a movie explaining the 100 year history of the Hawaiian monarchy, which was overthrown in 1893 by American settlers and adventurers. The Hawaiian Republic lasted only until 1898, when Hawaii became a U.S. Territory. This arrangement lasted until Hawaiian statehood in 1959 as the 50th and final star on Old Glory.

Cruise ship piers near downtown Honolulu where most visitors and immigrants to Hawaii landed before aviation became prime people movers to and from the four corners of the Earth.

Old time shipping available for tours

Upscale shopping mall at the cruise ship piers, where the tourist with American Express Gold Card can buy all the toys and clothes needed for a Hawaiian vacation in style

Main cruise ship terminal in downtown Honolulu with clock tower in late January, 2016 - the temperature in the high 70s under clear blue skies - of all the places in the world I've visited in my life of 60 plus years in Europe, Asia, and North America - Hawaii has the best climate of them all.
The people? The good, bad and ugly just like any place on this planet. Yes, there is war in Paradise - Hawaii of old has a bloody history of barbarian butchery and tranny - and modern Hawaii was where WW II started for the United States with the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Today Hawaii is a prime romantic vacation destination for the Japanese couples, who frequently marry on Waikiki Beach.

My late father - (1926-1989) a U.S. Navy veteran who fought the Japanese Empire in the Pacific for four years would have been most unhappy had he went on vacation with me to Honolulu. I still have a color picture of my handsome, young and tall sailor father that was taken just before Pearl Harbor in 1941 walking down a palm tree lined Honolulu street in his white uniform and I can hear him saying, "Damn Japs are everywhere here! WHO WON THE WAR? I was on the U.S.S. Yorktown! The damn Japs sunk us at Midway! I lost shipmates. I come back to Hawaii and its crawling with Jap bastards!"

The new high rise of downtown - my father's old soldier, sailor and marine Honolulu of cheap dive bars, knife fights between G.I.s in dark alleys, and the whorehouses of "From Here To Eternity" are gone with the wind and seen only in the movies.

Walking towards Chinatown with its old buildings where a million dark conspiracies have been launched in over a century of its existence.


Chinatown, my Chinatown
When the lights are low
Hearts that know no other land
Drifting to and fro

Dreamy, dreamy Chinatown
Almond eyes of brown
Hearts are light and lights are bright
In dreamy Chinatown

Chinatown, my Chinatown
When the lights are low
Hearts that know no other land
Drifting to and fro

Dreamy, dreamy Chinatown
Almond eyes so brown
Hearts are light and lights are bright
In dreamy Chinatown

Chinatown, my Chinatown
When the lights are low
Hearts that know no other land
Drifting to and fro

Dreamy, dreamy Chinatown
Almond eyes of brown
Hearts are light and lights are bright
In dreamy Chinatown

Hawaiian history - first came the fearless sailors and their families from the South Pacific. No one is sure where they came from about 2,000? 1,500? 1,000? years ago. Anyhow, they hit the beach at Waikiki and one shabby fat seaman turns to another shabby skinny sailor and says, "Gilligan, this is the last time I go on a three hour harbor cruise with you!" He looks up at Diamond Head and continues, "Do you where we are, first mate? It sure as hell ain't Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Moorea!" Gilligan replies in injured defense, "But Skipper, you were the captain of our boat and dead drunk in your cabin when the storm drove us off course!" The Skipper takes off his cap and hits Gilligan over the head. Mr. Howell walks over before blows land and notes, "Gentlemen, Lovey and I have decided to end our tour here and we demand full refund on the cruise from hell." Before the Skipper can reply that he spent the cruise money on rum and whores, the Professor yells, "Water, WATER! I have discovered WATER on this desert island! WE ARE SAVED!"

The rest is history, but the Chinese do finally show up and the first one yells to the Hawaiians who can't understand him, "I declare myself mayor of Chinatown! I demand only 10% of everything you make fishing, farming and at the market in a year. In return, I won't tell the Emperor of China where you folks are located, so he can't tax you 50% of your yearly income! WHAT A DEAL!"

More Honolulu Chinatown, which is not all that different from Chinatown San Francisco - Chinatown Seattle, Chinatown - Chinatown New York City, etc. Rule Number One: Never go to Chinatown after dark...nothing good happens there after sunset.

A Chinese character writing Chinese characters

China - the world's old continuous civilization - loves flowers

The Chinese are often called, "The Jews of the Far East" because of their success at capitalism and wealth creation even under the most oppressive of regimes.

Another nice thing about Hawaii - I didn't meet a single Muslim - and they love the pig...to eat, that is.

Waikiki Beach in Late January, 2016 - some kind of NFL thingy going on over there

The boys at the pier looking at the girls in the water.

Looking towards my Hotel way down the street from the fishing pier.

This was pretty neat what the brain trust did to Waikiki Beach years ago - They build this seawall across the best part of the beach that breaks the waves and formed the nice swimmers pool on the right of the picture. The EPA would not allow this to be done today, but it stays because of the "grandfather clause" and the bribe given to the EPA chief to leave it the hell alone!

Another view of Waikiki Beach and hotel row, where you might find a five star room at economy rates of $150 a night, but don't bet on it!

Waikiki Beach...

Surfing in coral and rocks is not for me, but others like it...

Another view of my hotel from the across the street

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


My base of operations in Honolulu at Waikiki Beach - an efficiency apartment with patio.

The front entrance to my hotel in Honolulu - Rooms $100 a day and up.

Street scene in Honolulu: The city zoo is on the left.

Waikiki Beach where famous Hawaiians have statutes.

Waikiki Beach where Elvis is still KING and don't you forget it!

Early morning in Waikiki Beach where hangovers disappear quickly under the sun.

If you forgot your surfboard they are available here for an hourly rate.

Hawaii invented surfing and worship their surfers at Waikiki Beach.

Weird looking tree at Waikiki Beach, heh?

All day road trip completely around the island of Oahu with a Hawaiian guide!

Fearlessly, our guide drives our van in the worst traffic in the United States of America!!!

First stop is the Dole Pineapple Planation north of Honolulu.

We don't have enough time here to take the tour train, but here it is!

This sign explains the train...If you click the picture bigger.

"Pineapple fields forever" as the Beatles should have sung.

The natural beauty of Hawaii made even more beautiful by man!

This is me on the left at the entrance to "Surf City" Hawaii - the famous North Shore!

"Let's go surf'n now, everybody's learning how, come on a safari with me," said The Beach Boys.

Road side local produce...cash only in small bills.

Something famous happened over there...Don't ask me what :-)

Surprise box lunch break after the boat ride to the beach... I wonder what's in my lunch box?

Our fearless leader and tour guide telling an insider Hawaii joke tourists don't get.

Finally, the beach. We don't have time to swim, but we do eat in the 20 minute stop.

This is me on the beautiful beach in my swimming trunks and being told its time...

....to get back on the boat to the bus in song by our fearless leader tour guide.

In Hawaii, you really, really, REALLY don't want to get off the trail.

Waiting for the boat...Behind us were over 20 Japanese tourists and when asked on the boat ride back to the mainland if they enjoyed the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor said, "So sorry, please!"

Next stop is at Buddhist Temple where I piss off Lord Buddha by walking in with my shoes and hat on...but I throw in five bucks on the collection plate and a priest smiles at me.

Gold fish on the Temple menu tonight?

Let me understand this...The Buddha teaches that we should renounce the world and then after years of study in the Temple, we "Kill The Inner Buddha" to discover that the universe is meaningless. Huh?

We stop next at the cliff were the first king to unite the Hawaiian islands destroyed the opposition party in 1795 by shooting, stabbing and pushing hundreds of them off the cliff to their deaths in the rock below. This is said to be Hawaii native Obama's favorite spot for some strange reason.

This sign explains things up here on Murder Point, click to make larger.

The massacre by tyranny explained on this sign.

The view from the top...

The death cliff...

Viewing platform and cliffs...

The exercise woman....

Break for a "Selfie!"

More poses...CLICK!

This is the part where I yell, "I love you!" :-)

After being chased back on the bus by a jealous lover, we stop at Obama's favorite Hawaii beach named "Murder Beach" because of the sharp coral reefs and rocks that tend to slice and dice body surfers, but for some reason spared Obama. DAMN IT!

Murder Beach....

"There she blows..." Whale watchers spot one...FINALLY!

Shannon The Tour Guide introduces his best friend and silent partner. This is when Shannon confessed to being half Irish. The ancestry of the Turtle was not determined, but thought to be pine.

At the end of the tour I gave Shannon a $5 tip and the Turtle a ten dollar tip. I enjoyed his lectures on Hawaiian lore much better than the nonsense from his boss about Hawaiian leprechauns!

Although Shannon was much better at song, dance, music and malarkey,

Final Stop on the all-round-Oahu tour - a beautiful beach were you can swim with the fish...

....and watch the Humpback whales...which are mammals!

This is the entrance to Diamond Head national park. These are old guard boxes from WW II.

This is entrance to Ft. Ruger, which is co-located in the park. I guess you get shot if you walk down the wrong trail.

This is the early morning view from the parking lot in front of the tunnel that leads to the park.

The narrow tunnel with two way traffic, a sidewalk and no room for error.

GUESS WHAT? After you walk thru the tunnel (hopefully without being hit by a vehicle) you discover that "Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and known to Hawaiians as ʻahi, most likely from lae 'browridge, promontory' plus ʻahi 'tuna' because the shape of the ridgeline resembles the shape of a tuna's dorsal fin.[3] Its English name was given by British sailors in the 19th century, who mistook calcite crystals on the adjacent beach for diamonds.[4]"

Happy Japanese tourists from Hiroshima. I tell the guy taking the picture, "My dad shot at your grandfather in WW II and obviously he missed!" The Japanese guy and gal bow to me and say in Hollywood English, "So sorry, please!"

The entrance to the brutal uphill Diamond Head walkway (well paved sidewalk at this point) that should read, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

Tourist ladies yell at me when I tell them the honest truth about the difficult climb to the top of Diamond Head, "Yes, we can!" Hmmm? I've heard that somewhere before and they couldn't.

I discover Hawaii's drag ass hill...Also, called "Heart Attack Ridge."

One hour after leaving the parking lot we are still climbing up, getting hot and running out of water.

FINALLY THE TOP OF DIAMOND HEAD!....and no water at the top, by the way, so we take pictures of the view and those still alive.

A view of Waikiki Beach on the left from the top of Diamond Head and an old WW II watch building with signs that announce danger in small letters from the viewing platform, "If you're close enough to read this sign, you're about ready to fall over the cliff to certain death. GOOD LUCK!" You can't say the U.S. Army doesn't have a sense of humor, the old softees.

More views of Waikiki Beach from the top where a $1 cool bottle of water are being hawked for $20 and finding takers: damn Korean small time grocery merchants are everywhere!

OKAY! Enough with pictures at the top of Diamond Head! Also, I'm mad at the woman on the right. Would you believe she didn't break a sweat? I ask her what her "no sweat" secret is and she replies, "I'm an Arab from Saudi Arabia and I'm used to a hot climate - would you like my unopened cool bottle of water? I won't be using it and be advised that panting with your tongue out will not cool you off!" Damn Arabs are everywhere too!

Going rapidly down the hill now and feeling darn good after a nice cold bottle of water from a Saudi princess. The people on the way up ask me, "How much further to the top." I say, "Go back, go back!.. the view ain't worth the climb." Then people get angry and curse me in many languages..... The truth hurts, heh?

I'm walking near the entrance to the tunnel and see the military base on Diamond Head guarded by signs that promise the military will do strange, awful and terrible things to your body if you are bold enough to sally forth down the road...